How to kill a zombie

How to kill a zombie

A Comprehensive guide on killing a zombie 

The unbelievable has become the reality. The streets are full of those Slimy, Dreadful, Bloody, Brain eating ZOMBIES. They are increasing by the minute. All it takes is one noise and they are ready to pounce and feed on a human brain. It’s the advent of the End of the World by zombie apocalypse. The entire surrounding is getting infected by the deadly virus. The streets are full of the “Living Dead”. Before fighting and starting a war it is important to know your enemy, so keep yourself safe and protected at all times because there is no room for mistakes when you have to deal with zombies.

Types of Zombies

  1. Zombification due to chemical experimentation
  2. Zombification due to the attack of deadly bacteria/ virus
  3. Zombification due a vampire bite
  4. Zombification caused by an evil sprit

How to kill a zombie?

Zombies get attracted to light and sound, so cover your windows, draw the curtains and don’t make noise. If you have stored food then it is good but if you don’t have food in stock, then over a period of time you will have to move out of your house in search of food and then you are sure to encounter a zombie. So what do you do then? How would you safeguard yourself and combat those creeps? Keep yourself prepared and updated with ways and means to pin them down. If zombies live, humans die!

There are several ways to kill a zombie , we have mentioned the 10 best ways below :

  1. Gun Them Down

    So, what is the best way to kill a zombie? If you have a gun, then, trust your aim and drop them down. Zombies are flesh eating, brain gobbling, and undead monsters. They deserve to be shot down. If you have a silencer then put in on. You don’t want to attract the attention of other zombies.

  2. Go Blasting 

    Making a basic chemical bomb is no rocket science now. With all the information freely available over the internet anyone can make a basic bomb. It is going to come in handy in blowing those creepy living dead. The bomb, if made correctly can blow them to pieces, definitely a sight worth watching, but be ready with an explanation if the cops pay a visit home because your computer’s I.P address is always being monitored.

  3. Use Chainsaw

    The old classic of all is the chainsaw. It is going to be bloody, with heads and piece flesh and intestines of zombies all over you but what a feeling of victory would it be to see them perish. Just make sure that you know how to operate and handle the chainsaw or else you could end you being one of the zombies if the chainsaw drops and the zombies get a piece of you!How to kill a zombie

  4. Baseball bat/Hockey Stick

    Oh no they are here! You don’t have a gun or chainsaw. So does that mean it’s over and you don’t stand a chance? No, you still have a chance to pin them down.  You must be having a baseball bat, hockey stick or a rod. Grab it quick and hit it hard on their skull. The blow will break their skull with blood streaming down their head and causing them to die.

  5. Car Crash

    OK that’s it! Your area is no more habitable, you have to move out and avoiding an encounter with those brain eaters is inevitable, so what do you do? Just make sure that you get to your car without making any noise to attract their attention towards you. Once you have managed to get inside your car, it is payback time for you. Start the engine, accelerate and start driving. It will sure catch their attention and you will see a lot of them come running towards you, Just do not hit the break. Run your car over them. It will be a bumpy experience but your life and sanity are far more important. Run over them, crush them to death, Kill them!!

  6. Fuel and Fire

    You do not need a lot of equipment,  you just need fuel and a matchbox. Just pour the fuel and set them ablaze. When they wriggle in fire you will giggle in victory. When they scream in fire, it gives a sense of sadistic pleasure. Well in a normal situation it would rather look insane to giggle when someone is put in flames but in a Zombie apocalypse being insane is being sane.

  7. Cover and Kill

    If it is a one on one encounter at home or in a hotel room do not be troubled, you can still save yourself. Grab that bed sheet, cover the zombie and drop him on the ground. Once you have dropped the zombie lift something heavy and crush the head. It is going to be messy but you can later take a selfie with your kill (wink)!!

  8. Expose Them to Light

    Some of the zombies are scared of light, like those similar vampire kinds. They would hide during the day and kill during the night. You need to put them to temptation and bring them out during the day and they would vanish in thin air

  9. Minced Zombies

    Now it is a do or die situation. You want to get rid of those zombies once and for all. So doing this requires a lot of strategical expertise. Allure all the zombies to the nearest industrial mincer factory. Pretend that you are stuck in that huge mincer, once all the zombies get inside the mincer, quickly jump out and let your friend close the mincer and start the machine. What you will get next is going to be minced zombies. I bet you haven’t seen a minced zombie before.

  10.  Get a Priest and Continue to Pray

    If the person is possessed by an evil spirit then bind yourself with Prayers. Remember that God is Over and Above all. He will keep you safe because God created man in his own image and he loves everyone dearly. So stay firm in your faith, keep Praying and call a Priest who can command the evil spirit to leave the host body and never return.

How to kill a zombie


Zombies are the living dead who survive by eating the brains and flesh of normal people and turning them into zombies. They don’t sleep, they don’t get tired. They are constantly looking for a new host body. Every country today is self equipped with nuclear power. Some nuclear missiles could contain deadly viruses and, Who knows that in a war like situation one nuclear attack could Zombify an entire country. We hope you like this article on how to kill a zombie . Thanks for reading !

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