How To Make A Culinary Glaze

This is a lesson on how to make a Culinary Glaze.   The proper definition of a glaze is a stock of some sort reduced to at least 85 % of its volume.  You simmer your desired stock slowly letting the water steam away.  This results in a liquid which has more intense flavor and syrupy by nature.

What can you make a glaze from?
Well anything from chicken stock to fruit juices to vinegars.  I recently saw “in a specialty store”a bottle of Balsamic glaze. The price was absolutely ridiculous.  All you need to do is take some cheaper balsamic vinegar and reduce it by 85% and there you have your glaze.

You can also get very creative with glazes.  How about taking your chicken stock and add rosemary to it.  Reducing this would give you a fantastic rosemary infused chicken glaze.  Think about the many options and combinations you can create from simply experimenting.

What are glazes used for?  Did you ever see a chef decorate a plate with his fancy little sauces?  How about a small amount of glaze across an appetizer or tomatoes?  Remember a little glaze goes along way.  You do not want to you ample amounts like a sauce due to intensity of the flavor of a glaze.ok

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