Social Media for Teenagers

The world of social media has expanded so much that today we have users from all age groups. From High school kids to aged grannies and grandpas, almost everyone has their presence on one or more social media platforms. Everyone has something or other to share on social media.  If they don’t have anything, still they want to be on social media just to check out other’s activities. It is a part of life now. Be it work or leisure, you always feel the need for social media.

However, it is the teenagers who are the most frequent users of social media. Chatting, sharing, streaming, gaming – teenagers do all sorts of activities all social media.

While it is good to have social interactions, anything which is overdone can be hazardous. Social media has its own demerits, especially for the younger section of people. Teenagers have their own tough time figuring out things. While they are at a growing stage, they have so many things to deal with. Amidst all these, when they get access to social media, they feel liberated. There are youngsters you spend an entire day on social media platforms. It affects their productivity, as most of the things they do on social media do not help them in any way.

While in the pre-internet era, parents might have had problems with their kids remaining outdoors most of the times, now the scene is entirely different. Parents are now worried about how they can take their kids outside their rooms.

Kids, who remain glued to their devices for a whole day, eventually face health issues. Most teenagers also get affected psychologically. They get into depression and have other sorts of mental disorders. Other than this, they are also faced with cyber threat. There are unwanted elements in the world of internet. Young kids need to be careful about these elements and try to keep themselves safe from them. There are cases where teenagers ruin their life due to their addiction to social media.

It is, therefore, advisable that parents monitor all the activities of their ward and take necessary precautions at certain times to avoid the risk of potential damage to their children. Parents need to be compassionate to their teenage children and try to make them understand their limitations with the use of social media. If this can be done, a lot of the problem can be solved.

Teenagers make their own world on social media. This makes them lose contact with the real world. They start feeling that their online profile is who they really are. This eventually lets them get connected to the online world on a psychological level. This, if not taken care of, can harm the teenagers to a great extent.

The solution to this problem is that parents take great care of their ward’s online activities and keep a check on what they do online. Young kids should be motivated to play outdoor games and interact with others in the real world.

With proper guidance, it is possible for them to live a normal life and enjoy the real world outside.

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